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ServerBrowse allows navigation of a servers filesystem graphically through a web browser, it's setup to display files and folders just like they would be viewed if using a file manager in an Operating System.
Files are even identified using file icons, and the software can recognise all the most popular file types such as HTML, PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, DOC, EXE, DLL.
You can use the software on a local server for easy navigation of production materials for instance, or on public servers so visitors can browse file collections, you can even open HTML/PHP files using direct HTTP links or execute them on the servers machine.
Files can be displayed in several layouts, the included theme has Grids, Lists or Details, you can design and create your own themes and your own display layouts very easily!

The software can also display folder sizes with it's impressive file size calculation system, that dynamically calculates the total size of all files within a folder, showing the full data usage of everything within a folder.


ServerBrowse has an impressive set of features and may be right for you:

  • Useful for private server/public server use.
  • Allows simple navigation through servers filesystem.
  • Allows simple navigation to HTTP address of a file/folder.
  • You can instruct ServerBrowse to run the file or open the folder using the Operating System on the computer PHP is running from. (Useful for localhost!)
  • Easy to use theme system allows for you to create your own themes!
  • Default theme has several different ways to display files - Lists, Grids and Details.
  • Huge number of MIME file types are recognized.
  • Can change file icon size 16x16 32x32 64x64 and so on...
  • Navigation list allows simple jumping back through folders.
  • Admin access allows you to only have Execution for admins!
  • Paid Version will allow for user accounts with access permissions for each. Plus the ability to add/edit/delete files from the browser!

Future Plans

We have released the FREE version of ServerBrowse to the public, the FULL version (coming soon) will have allot more features including the ability for people to register a user account and allow Admins to setup what each user can access! Additionally there will be functionality allowing for add/edit/delete of files and folders on the server from within ServerBrowse and more themes!

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