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PageRater is a brand new system created so web masters can offer a "rate this page" system on their website's easily, securely and professionally.
The system works by taking the page id (given when you add a page to the admin interface) gathering all the ratings from the database and then finding the average, finally displaying the average page rating on the screen.
A visitor can rate each "page" only once, then there told what rating they gave that page.

Finally a script has also been created so you can display top rated pages, either on a separate page of your choice or anywhere else on your website, the code for this can be found in the readme.php
Live Demo will be coming soon!

This system requires PHP, MySQL, and the GD library.


PageRater has an impressive set of features and may be right for you:

  • Get ratings from visitors to your site from 0 - 5.
  • Ratings are calculated by averaging lifetime ratings.
  • Simple to install using included install script.
  • Easy to include to pages in a website, just include a file and call the id of the rating box you want!.
  • Rating box's can be customized independently.
  • Can show top rated in ascending or descending order.
  • Admin panel allows easy control over the system and helps generate the code.
  • Much more...

Future Plans

The software is in it's infancy, and right now we love the simpleness of the system. If you have any suggestions please post them at our forums.

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