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Multi-Page Comment System (MPCS)

MPCS offers your website visitors the possibility to comment about a particular item on your site in real time, with this dynamic system you can collect comments easily and securely thanks to several security systems built into the system, firstly a visitor can only post once per page, secondly each post requires a CAPTCHA validation, thirdly you can optionally request that all comments are varified by an administrator before they appear in the list of comments.
The system is highly configurable with an easy to modify skinning system (uses CSS styles) and a language system which makes editing the language to alternative languages or just altering centences, easy. Also you can optionally get a email when a comment is posted!

For the poster/reader, MPCS offers a great interface they can easyly see and read existing comments, and can post their own comment by filling in a short form, also they have the opertunity to post simple BB codes and URL's. They can even use emoticons!


  • Add different comment pages for seperate subjects (ie different web pages).
  • Admin features.
    • Manage Emoticons.
    • Manage administrators.
    • Add/remove pages.
    • Add/edit comments.
  • Simple to install using included install script.
  • Only one comment per visitor per page (uses cookies).
  • (Optional) Ability to use BB code like in forums.
  • (Optional) CAPTCHA system to varify a bot isnt submitting data into your page!
  • (Optional) Admin validation system, validate a comment before it becomes public!
  • Comments are split onto different pages above 20 comments!
  • Get an email when a comment is posted (requires php mail())
  • Change the look using styles, easy to manage styles with stylesheet manager
  • A selection of great emoticons created with EmoteMaker to start you off!
  • Ability to run MPCS in many other languages, at the moment only English and Francais available.
  • Easy software language translation with a language file!
  • Much more...

Future Plans

We already have an impressive feature set, possible future expansions could be use of SQLite optionally and more languages support. If you have any suggestions please post them at our forums.

Sites Featuring MPCS

MPCS is featured on many websites, some of these are listed below so you can view comments and ratings.

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