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MCServeris downloadable below, you may give feedback or get help with this software at our forums.


MCServer requires a windows machine, windows 98+ I believe is okay!


  • 0.31.600
    • objects were glitched again thanks to some dodgy JavaScript, this is now fixed!
  • 0.30.597
    • updated objects to include new objects of minecraft 1.8
    • object images are more compressed and load quicker!
    • Fixed bug when first starting minecraft_server.jar where files such as dont exist yet but MCServer assumes they do and loads them.
    • New update checker added to mcserver http panel.
    • There is now a Minecraft time changer in the administration panel so you can easily change the time of day!
  • 0.29.584
    • Fixed some bugs - everything should work correctly.
  • 0.28.543
    • Added more AJAX features - now shows status in a little flashing box on the page!
    • Backup tab has been moved to "server" tab
    • "Server" tab has been renamed to "Administration"
    • Minecraft Commands now work correctly!
    • Added a wait time when shutting down Minecraft to make sure save-all is complete and etc.
    • Spawning objects was fixed again (New AJAX related problems)
    • "Reset" button now on spawn tab, after giving items the page no longer redirects and the data stays in the form.
    • Front End improvements - styling is nicer
    • Added quick server information below the title which is updated automatically - shows last backup and server status.
    • Page Request fix for the HTTP server - it now sends the correct MIME type for CSS files!
    • Web GUI is now HTML 4.01 transitional - everything works in ie, chrome, firefox and safari.
    • More tabs added for Gallery and Help - coming soon...
    • Application is now offically compiled as a console and should free up a little memory :)
    • Application console output is nicer - in the process of making it easier to read with color!
  • 0.24.403
    • Fixed duplicate item sending.
    • Fixed referencing problems when the same object number appears across multiple object categories.
    • AJAX is now implemented and used to keep track of server status.
    • Fixed bug when starting the server from a "stopped" state. Noone would know this as errors were repressed.
    • Can now edit whitelist banned-players and banned-ips files
    • Removed duplicate items on Misc tab
    • All tab now fully functional
    • You can now send minecraft commands directly from the http server
    • Minecraft Server now runs better with new command, must set RAM in command for the server to function correctly (See Help)
    • Login screen now displays much better
    • AJAX used for all submit commands - no more paused loading or reloading of the index page!!
  • 0.18.361
    • Stop/Start/Restart Minecraft Server now works correctly. A timer delay has also been added to warn players, save-all and then gracefully shut the server down.
    • Backing up the server now warns players and gracefully shuts the server down, performs the backup and reboots the server!
    • MCServer no longer gathers response data from Minecraft, hopefully this is fixing a strange bug that was happening to me!
  • 0.6.347
    • Fixed a bug with giving items to players (sorry!)


You may download this software below using one of our mirrors, thank you for your interest in our software.

Mirror #1 (solidfiles)
Download MCServer ZIP Package (1MB)

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