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MCServer is a mini http server which allows you to administrate your Minecraft Server form your local machine or remotely using a web browser. Simply run MCServer and connect to your computer using a browser to be able to give items to players, create backups, start/stop/restart the Minecraft Server and much more.



  • Ability to connect to the software using a web browser either on the local machine or remotely.
  • Simple and easy to get working, then just sit back and relax.
  • User login system so not just anyone can access the HTTP server and make changes.
  • View all of minecraft's availiable items in a visual grid, select amounts and enter a username to give that user those items.
  • Generate full backups using the web interface!
  • View the Minecraft server status and stop/restart the Minecraft server from the web interface.
  • View and edit the Minecraft preferences file from the web interface.
  • Timer delay on backups/shutdowns/restarts with Minecraft Server countdown to warn players!
  • 100% functional and free - advertisements to unregistered users.
  • Ability to edit the Whitelist/Blacklist and Bannedlist!
  • Send Minecraft Server commands from the web interface!
  • Web Interface utilises AJAX and updates the screen periodically.
  • (coming soon...) Automatic backups at set intervals!
  • (coming soon...) View and dowload backups (ZIP Format)!
  • Much more...
Any feature suggestions you have are very welcome on our forums!

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