Latest Version: 0.1.0

Isometric Constructor

Latest Version: 0.1.0

Isometric Constructor is a brand new application being developed for isometric graphics artists, it's goal is to offer an easy way to construct isometric structures using flat 2D images by mapping them into an isometric perspective.
This software is in it's very early stages and really needs public feedback, so please download this software, give it a go and leave us some feedback on our forums!


Isometric Constructor is in it's very early stages of creation, and features are missing, if you think the software needs something let us know on our forums:

  • Wire frame isometric cube creation.
  • Wire frame isometric cube with a triangle or pointed roof.
  • Ability to resize isometric cube.
  • double border isometric support (for true isometric games).
  • Textured isometric cube/building creation.

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