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screen shot of EmoteMaker.

EmoteMaker can do much more than you would expect, in fact it has tonnes of features which will help you create the best, the funniest, or the weirdest smiley's you could imagine. You can give your emoticons signs or animate them.

How EmoteMaker works

EmoteMaker makes it simple to create smileys simply by giving the user the easiest control, using our provided library of emoticon "body part" you simply need to decide which objects you would like to use, click on them and you can move them around the screen and place them in whatever positions you desire!
Included in the software are several categories of objects from face templates, eyes, mouths and other objects, we also include some ready animated objects for creating animated smileys!!
Objects can even be resized, rotated, blended with a color, or why not create your own objects and import them into the software!!

You can create signs for your emoticons to hold, customize the colours, fonts and change the text displayed in the sign. Make your emoticon talk!!

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Below are some shots of the different main sections, it would take allot of shots to also show each section within these main sections so we are sticking to the default "face" section. Please not that external objects might be different depending on the objects you add to this category (please read further down).
This is the small category, looking at faces This is the medium category, looking at faces This is the medium category, looking at faces This is the medium category, looking at faces

When building an emote you would navigate to one of these sections then you would click and object and move it to the white area, clicking places it onto the area, you place more objects together building your emoticon!!

Use external images as objects!

EmoteMaker allows you to use any external image within the program, the way this works is you place the image (or a copy of it) inside a directory called "objects" and then when you load EmoteMaker these objects will appear inside the external tab (see above). This allows you to further customize emoticon's.

Extra effects & other options

EmoteMaker allows for many alterations to all internal and external objects, this also increases individuality as you can modify everything to your liking, you can "Blend", "rotate" and even make the objects transparent :o (shocked)!!

Your emoticons can hold signs!!

EmoteMaker has joined the emoticon sign era, you can create your very own signs for your emoticon's to hold up with pride, included in the program is many different sign background styles and you can even change the font and size! This is all achieved very easily using click and editing options.

a emote sign made in EmoteMakera emote sign made in EmoteMakera emote sign made in EmoteMaker

Export into usable image files!

You can export your emotes into several different image formats allowing you to use them in your emails, forums, blog's, website's, chat rooms, presentations, documents, images, and any other things you might think of.
The supported formats are GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, you can also set an image transparent in GIF format, and make animated GIF's

Random emoticon generator!

Are you stuck for design ideas? NO PROBLEM!!
EmoteMaker has a random emoticon feature which will create you an emoticon at the click of a button, totally unique yet not made by you! You can also restrict some options to specify the type of emote you are after.

Supports many languages!

If you want EmoteMaker to run under a different language then no problem! The program can support all languages that are translated, this is done by translating a current language file to the new language, you can find and download extra language packs from the download page, we will also release a portuguese translated site soon.

Extend EmoteMaker

EmoteMaker can be extended using plug-ins, this allows any GML programmer to create something that runs within the application, this can offer totally new features to the program without new versions, what's even better is if you don't want that plugin you don't download it!
You can find out more about making plugins HERE.

Running Requirements

The answer to that is hopefully! Here are the recommended system spec's:
>> Direct X 8.0 or above. (MUST)
>> RAM (EM uses 18-25MB during use so a 64MB RAM is minimum!)
>> Windows NT, 2000, Millennium, XP, Vista, 7 or later (Created and tested on XP)
>> 1.20Ghz Processor (not sure on the minimum so you may be lucky with a 100Mhz processor!)
>> Display 32-bit (16-bit works but is not so good)
>> 32MB Video Card or more

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