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Can you translate from english to spanish?
EmoteMaker gets a huge volume of spanish people using EmoteMaker, and we would like to offer them the EmoteMaker site pages and the application in spanish! If you can do this for us we would be most greatful, please click here.

EmoteMaker (Emoticon Maker/Smiley Maker) is an exciting application which enables you to create amazing emoticons with little effort! Using a drag and drop interface and huge library of "body parts" you can make a truly limitless amount of emoticons.
You can even make signs for your emoticons to hold or animate your emoticon using 10 frames of animation!

All your creations can be exported in many popular image formats including PNG, GIF and JPG, this means you can use your smileys in websites, forums, chat rooms, games, MSN, WLM, AOL, YM and etc...

Create your own emoticons now!! works under windows NT/2000/XP/XP SP2/XP SP3/VISTA/7

Softonic rated EmoteMaker OUTSTANDING!! brothersoft rated EmoteMaker 5/5!!


EmoteMaker has a full range of features to enable you to create what you want. Here is a full list:

  • Easy drag and drop interface.
  • Over 100 sorted objects to implement in your emoticon designs.
  • Import images and use them as objects.
  • Apply effects to objects such as rotation, transparency and color blending.
  • Stretch and skew emoticon objects.
  • Create animated emoticons.
  • Create signs for your emoticons to hold proudly (or not so proudly).
  • Export created emoticons in GIF & PNG format.
  • Want random emoticons? use the random generator!
  • Supports many languages
  • Extend the application with user created plugins!
  • share your creations with the community! Coming soon!
  • Much much more...

EmoteMaker Emoticons

There are a bunch of EmoteMaker created emoticons in our Emoticon Library, why not add yours?

DOH! emote
No Description.
Category: Smiley Set: Crystal
Added By: Deano
Drunk emote
No Description.
Category: Alcohol Set: Crystal
Added By: Deano
Evil emote
No Description.
Category: Attitude Problem Set: Crystal
Added By: Deano
Lonely emote
No Description.
Category: Unhappy Set: Crystal
Added By: Deano
Loony emote
No Description.
Category: Smiley Set: Crystal
Added By: Deano
Sad emote
No Description.
Category: Unhappy Set: Crystal
Added By: Deano
Sick emote
This emoticon is abo...
Category: Sick Set: Crystal
Added By: Deano
Crying emote
No Description.
Category: Crying Set: Crystal
Added By: Deano
Strawboozeberry emote
No Description.
Category: Stupid and Silly
Added By: Marioking9
OMOV, The IO is STARVING ME! emote
A smiley holding a s...
Category: Attitude Problem
Added By: DDB1205
Strawberries emote
No Description.
Category: Food
Added By: DeadDork
Tongue Out emote
Tongue Out
An emoticon bobbing ...
Category: Smiley Set: MSN/WLM Style
Added By: Mina
Chatter emote
Two yellow emoticons...
Category: Uncategorized Set: MSN/WLM Style
Added By: Mina
Smile emote
A happy emoticon, sm...
Category: Happy Set: tpvgames default
Added By: Deano
You Serious emote
You Serious
Emoticon that is lif...
Category: Uncategorized
Added By: techno
Evil Green emote
Evil Green
No Description.
Category: Christmas Set: IPB Style
Added By: Deano
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EmoteMaker is featured on several websites, a small list is shown below for you to view ratings and comments, and provide some if you wish. [And here]

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