Demo Version: 1.0.0

Resplace Captcha - Demo

This demo is provided as an example only and may not show the true potential of the software, infact it may be using an outdated version of the software altogether so please check that also. Our demo's try to show the basic features of the software and how it is used, to get a full understanding of the software please download it and test it on your platform.


The point of a CAPTCHA is to query the user to repeat the characters that appear malformed in an image, this stops a automated script from easily posting data through the form since computers cannot read the characters in the image without huge difficulty! Also as a side bonus our captcha is randomized after a SUBMIT meaning the user has to redo the captcha in order to re-submit the form, removing accidently mutiple posting of data!

You will find this system being used throughout our website for various forms, we trust in it and it works brilliantly, why dont you start using it too!


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