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Captcha Screenshot Captcha is probably one of the most vital things your forms will ever need, a Captcha makes sure anything being submitted though a form on your site is:
  • Submitted by a Human.
  • Only submitted once!
  • Legitimate Requests (User has to apply effort)

The biggest problem on the internet right now is spam bots posting random data or advertisements through your dynamic websites, our captcha system helps to STOP this by asking the user to repeat some random characters displayed in an image. If correct the form is processed and if not the request is ignored.


This is the free version of Captcha, soon we will be providing a more advanced version at a cost, only a small cost but it will help pay for this website, the features are:

  • Easy include by calling 2 functions.
  • Very secure image showing characters at random sizes, colors and angles.
  • HTML Complient.
  • JavaScript which grows captcha image when you hover for visually impared users.
  • Can easily be included into most (if not all) situations.

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