Desktop Software

Software which runs on your desktop computer...


EmoteMaker screen shot
EmoteMaker (Emoticon Maker) is a small application which you can make emoticons with, the application adopts a simple drag & drop mechanism, which means you select an object, drag it around the application and drop it where you would like it.
There are hundreds of objects to choose from in several well organized category's, all you need to do to create an emoticon is arrange objects in a small pallette and then export them as images once your complete, this method enables you to create an almost infinite number of unique emoticons!

EmoteMaker works under windows NT/2000/XP/XP SP2/XP SP3/VISTA/7

Isometric Constructor

Isometric Constructor screen shot
Isometric Constructor is a brand new application being developed for isometric graphics artists, it's goal is to offer an easy way to construct isometric structures using flat 2D images by mapping them into an isometric perspective.
This software is in it's very early stages and really needs public feedback, so please download this software, give it a go and leave us some feedback on our forums!


MCServer is a small, light-weight http server for managing your Minecraft server, it allows you to start, restart, spawn items to players, change the time of day and create backups of the whole server. Soon you will also be able to upload world screenshots and automatically create a world map image for viewing in the interface.

Server Software

Software for servers, made for web masters and typically use PHP and MySQL...


ServerBrowse screen shot
ServerBrowse allows navigation of a servers filesystem graphically through a web browser, it's setup to display files and folders just like they would be viewed if using a file manager in an Operating System.
Files are even identified using file icons, and the software can recognise all the most popular file types such as HTML, PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, DOC, EXE, DLL.
You can use the software on a local server for easy navigation of production materials for instance, or on public servers so visitors can browse file collections, you can even open HTML/PHP files using direct HTTP links so to view them or execute them through the browser.
The layout can also be modified to show lists or tiles, show small icons or large and whether to list folders before files or read alphabetically.


Captcha screen shot Captcha is probably one of the most vital things your forms will ever need, a Captcha makes sure anything being submitted though a form on your site is:
  • Submitted by a Human.
  • Only submitted once!
  • Legitimate Requests (User has to apply effort)

The biggest problem on the internet right now is spam bots posting random data or advertisements through your dynamic websites, our captcha system helps to STOP this by asking the user to repeat some random characters displayed in an image. If correct the form is processed and if not the request is ignored.

SMF Packages

Simple Machines Forums Packages...

Live Emoticon Library

Live Emoticon Library is a package for SMF that implements the Emoticon Library into your SMF Forums.


SMF AChat is a small package which implements an ajax powered chat room into your SMF Forums.

Work in progress see menu for full....

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